Another Quick Entry – I Hope Anyway…

KH left at 9:15 am this morning – she was not late again today – another yay for her. I am dressed and ready for my day after my shower. I feel clean and refreshed even though I do feel a tad bit tired right now – lol… I did not sleep the greatest last night for some reason even though I did sleep most of the night and had awakened at around 4 am having to run to the bathroom – in my case walk fast with cane to the bathroom. I do not run anymore. I would not dare to be very honest with myself. I do not want to fall and land in the hospital because I broke a bone or something. JSL’s husband DL is here mowing the lawn. He is mowing the area by the building now and I am glad I have the windows in the living room and bedroom closed because the lawn mower is so noisy. My auditory senses are very sensitive today. AARRGG! I will be okay. I am feeling somewhat lazy and kind of tired but I am managing my day just fine. Is JSL’s husband mowing the lawn? I have not heard the mower go by for the past five minutes now, lol. Oh well.

More later…

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