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I just got done listening to Sandy Patti (Sp?)… I love her songs, “Love in Any Language”, How Majestic is His Name”, “Another Time, Another Place”, and many more. I enjoy listening to Christian music every chance I get. Now that I am feeling well again after being sick, I can fit listening to music into my regimen of activities during the day or evening when things need to be quiet and peaceful here in my home and around me. I wish I could say that my upstairs neighbor is quiet but I cannot say so tonight – she is noisy – or she might be having company over for supper tonight. She is always quiet after 9 pm though – thank goodness. I remember one time that there was a lot of commotion up above me one Sunday and it drove me crazy listening to friends jumping, running, and screaming above me – kids need not be noisy in here or they will be banned from coming here to visit their loved ones if noise continues on and on and over and over again. This upstairs neighbor seems to have company over a lot – like me – and they are rarely noisy but not tonight as if she does not care who hears her noise around her. Dang! I have only seen this neighbor once and se does not seem like a bad person but I will not befriend her while living here for personal reasons. I need not popularity anyway.

I am watching Scared Straight – two episodes needed to be watched tonight before bed so I can relieve some space on my DVR box soon here. I am not in the mood to watch Live TV tonight – not much anyway. I decided not to watch M.A.S.H., Mary Tyler Moore, and The Dick Van Dyke Show tonight. Taking a small break – tonight anyway. Will resume on Monday once again. I have some recorded TV shows to watch right now. This is my night. I am not having CSE over tonight.

Where’s Bing? Probably in the bedroom on his favorite table chair that is in there right now resting and catnapping. Lazy boy, lol. Gotta love him, tho.

Saying Good Night Now

I am going to continue to have a quiet evening and say good night now. I will be back tomorrow sometime. Good night and God bless!

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