What’s Happening at Garden Court Today?

Garden Court sign in front of the building

I love how Garden Court’s cleaning crew come every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to do their cleaning of the building. The other day I spoke to a gal who works for the cleaning company and asked her about how they go about cleaning a big place like this. She responded that they do three floors on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Wow! They have the company that has their work cut out for them. I wonder if JW, my friend KW’s husband helped them when he was alive. I do not want to know. His passing has left a spot in my heart that is empty. He has been gone for a year now. I have no idea how tenants here took to JW, but I sure do miss him. I know KW misses him. She was his wife for twenty-five plus years. 

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