June 10, 2022 – A Little Bit of Catching Up

Another day is about to end. I thought I would write quickly, if that is possible, lol. The weekend has begun for me—not my dialysis weekend, as that begins tomorrow after treatment is completed—this being Friday. Sabbath will begin at sundown at that is at 8:33 PM in Wisconsin. That is about two hours away. I am going to watch the 6 PM movie on HMM titled Heart of the Matter. A young man, disabled intellectually, but living on his own because he has been taking classes to be independent, dies in a car when he drives himself to the hospital due to having symptoms the doctor listed on a paper. The doctor also gave her private phone number to call in an emergency. Now, the doctor feels really bad about what happened and did not know her patient drove. If she knew he drove, he would have told him not to drive. I am going to finish watching and listening to the movie by 8 PM. In the meantime, I have some catching up to do since I have not written since June 7, 2022. 


Pinion Meat Market 

After treatment yesterday, JP picked me up from the clinic and went to the meat market in Beloit, Wisconsin. I was so excited about getting there and when I did, I was not disappointed. I was happy to be there, even though it was a quaint little place, a meat market with chicken, hamburger meat, pork, beef sticks, and other items like twice-baked potatoes. With me not being an eater of pork, I did not get pork. I got three pounds of hamburger meet, five pounds of chicken, and helped JP with items she needed or wanted. After $148 later, I was satisfied and still excited about going to the meat market. I have not been to a meat market since I was a little girl. 


As JP and I pulled into the parking lot of Garden Court, we both noticed that Schwan’s truck was nearby, and the gentleman was walking toward us. We stopped briefly and spoke to him, and then we pulled up to have me get out of the vehicle, and we finished talking to the Schwan’s man, and I ordered a couple of things. Summer sausage and stuffed chicken with broccoli and cheese.  


My friend JM told me that the summer sausage has pork in it, and so I need to go to a grocery store and get summer sausage that has beef in it only. Shucks! 

yen it comes to loading my medicine into the dispenser. I was going to get my meds for the night ready and Pria did not dispense anything this afternoon. It has happened before, but not in a while. I can be very frustrating, but it is okay. I got my meds out of the bottles instead of the dispenser for tonight. 

My Friday Afternoon 

I have been reading A Killing in a Small Town. I cannot put the book down or so it seems. It is hard to put the book down. It is that good. I also want to admit that I have been a little obsessed about the story about Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore for the past three weeks or so, and finally being able to read the book, I have calmed down considerably. My obsession has dwindled down quite a bit. Because Sabbath will be here soon, I will have to wait to read the book at sundown Saturday evening because it is a book to read for pleasure. 

Also, for my Friday afternoon, I have been watching Monk, and then the movies came on HMM. Watching the movie Heart of the Matter was good. Then I watched another one, and I did not get the title of that one but watched it anyway. It was very good. JM came over after work for a while. 

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