My Day Will Begin Shortly

A new day is about to begin. I have dialysis this morning from 9 AM to noon or 9:15 AM – 12:15 PM. It depends on when I get in my chair of the day. More dialysis details later today or tomorrow. Anyway, I love having an hour to myself before JP, my caregiver comes. Today, unless her niece changed her mind since yesterday will be with her. She is ten years old and hanging out with her aunt today and weekend. Upon meeting JP’s niece yesterday, she is a good girl. My friend DC is gone for the weekend and will be going somewhere today with her mom while I will be getting home from dialysis and probably having some lunch before my friend JM comes over after church around 2 PM or so. I get so hungry after dialysis. I know I did on Thursday and ate my melt from Culver’s and a couple of onion rings, fries, and cheese curds. Saved the rest for yesterday’s lunch. Magic kitty has given me his morning with a few pets and hellos and has meowed his good morning. No kisses yet. 

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